How to Chat On your PC? Use Free Secure Calling App ‘ttirik’!

Free and Secure calls and messages to anyone, anywhere!
The best secure private messenger ‘ttirik’ is Free!
Even you can use it without Phone Number! No need Verification Code!

Today I’m going to talk about ‘How to Chat On Desktop?’
You know… The answer is ‘Use ‘ttirik’!’

When you wanna make a call!?
No App Needed!
No SW Download!

Here are 3 option for you!

First, Scan QR Code!
Second! Click URL!!
Third, Use Recipient ID!!!

Actually, among them, When you know about recipient QR and URL doesn’t have to follow this step!
Just Click or Scan it! Then you can having a make a call!

If you wanna call on your PC with ‘ttirik ID’
Follow me!

1. Visit the website –
Open your web browser and go to ‘ttirik’ page.

2. If you make a call, Enter the recipient ID!
Enter the ttirik ID who you wanna make a call on the white box.
And Click the ‘text’ blue button or ‘call’ green button.

3. Check the recipient ID
When you Click the button, You can see the recipient’s profile.
Then you check the recipient profile!

4. Enter the message text
Did you catch up?
Then you can text or call with other person!

Make a call without Phone Number!! (No hide! Just No Needed!)
Just start your PRIVATE Messenger!

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