Don’t to use your personal phone number for business [How to hide my phone number on business card?]

Almost 90% of small business owners use personal phone number for their business.
They might be already faced many problem like as interrupting call at late night and personal time, contact from strangers and spam calls…

After that, they have a question ‘Should I put my personal phone number on my business card?’

My Answer is Use ‘ttirik’.
‘ttirik’ is the best free Secure Messenger. And also it gives some of function for business.

Here is an example in which exposure to mobile phone numbers has had a great adverse effect in the private realm.
Last month, There was a big issue about phone number in Korea.
A man claimed his realphone number was used on the business card shown in new Nextflix series, Squid Game.
He now says he has received “endless” calls and text messages, making it “difficult to live my daily life”.  “It has come to the point where people are reaching out day and night due to their curiosity.

It has also been reported that his wife has the same number as him, apart from one digit, and she has been receiving prank calls too. He added that it is a huge inconvenience for him to change his number, as it has been his business number for over 10 years.

Gone are the days when getting a business phone number meant having to carry two phones with double monthly plan.
If you are considering two phones for your business, Now all you need is download ‘ttirik’

Make a call without Phone Number!! (No hide! Just No Needed!)
Just start your PRIVATE Messenger!

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