Hide Phone number for Private then Add your QR Codes on Business Card

Do you publish your cell phone on your business card or do you have an additional ‘Office’ number or ‘Work’ number you use?

Many people use their Private cellphone number on their Business Card. But When they use personal number than they suffering many things from the boundary between work and private life.

Let us suppose, for example, that you gotta time for lunch or after work. But you got a call form your client called you. What are you going to do?
Everyone know the best answer, Gotta New number for ‘Work’. However you have to double monthly bill. Moreover you always have to carry two phone.

Here is the best way for you! Use ‘ttirik’!!
Using a ‘ttirik’ is free! and you can create two account!

When you filled the recipient’s ID on ‘ttirik’ then you can check their profile photo and their notice! then you can check before when you make a call the recipient’s situation!

And downloading apps is not essential when making calls!
When you wanna make a call! There is 3 option for you!
First, SCAN QR Code!
Second, CLICK URL Link!

Add, Even no needed your mobile!
When you wanna make a call with your computer?
You can do it with ‘ttirik’!

More Info: https://ttirik.page.link/download


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