BEST Encrypted Messaging App, simple & effective ‘ttirik’

‘ttirik’ is the best simple & effective messenger!

Now, here’s the best way to chat privately!
Use ‘ttirik’
‘ttirik’ doesn’t require any information like your name, e-mail, phone number, etc…

Even you can create two accounts for free!

When you make a call…
There are many options for you!

First, Do you wanna make a call or chat On your PC?
Yes, ttirik can!
Go to the website; ‘’, And text the recipient’s ID! then, 📞📞📞
You don’t need to download SW!!

Second, Do you wanna make a call or chat On your Mobile?
Yes, also, ttirik can!
Even there are 3 choices; scan the recipient’s QR Code, URL Link, and ID!
In addition, downloading the App, ttirik, doesn’t necessary for connecting!

One of our precious users commented ‘ttirik is an amazing App as the simplicity and effectiveness parts’.
And We agreed!

If you wanna chat with privacy and safety, then download ‘ttirik’!

ttirik team.

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