How to design a business card: the unique guide

Are you looking to make a new business card, Use ‘ttirik’

‘ttirik’ can help divide between your personal time and working time.
‘ttirik’ is the app for messaging and calling like instant messenger.
But among them, ‘ttirik’ has special things.

First, You can make a call without a number.
Second, You can make a call not only on your mobile but also on your PC.
Third, You can make a call with the recipient’s QR Code, URL Link, or ID.
Last, When you wanna make a call, You don’t have to download the app or SW.

When you start ‘ttirik’, that will bring your life comfier.
Even, The App, ‘ttirik’, is for free up to 2 accounts.
If you wanna know more, then go to the app store and download ‘ttirik’!

ttirik team.

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