3 Great Uses for An Old and Unused Smartphone With ‘ttirik’

Have you ever Sell your Old Mobiles?
You don’t have to sell your cell phone for about 20 dollars.
Here are 3 surprising ways that you can Use an old phone.
It’s time to take out the old smartphone, used to be dusty.
So pick up the nearest dusty phone and get ready to use it again.

Go to the download website and get a ‘ttirik’.
‘ttirik’ is a free secure messenger.
They doesn’t need to your phone number.
Namely, You can make a call without verification.

  • Best phone for kids
    Giving your child a cell phone means paying a monthly plan.
    And Parents sometimes end up paying unexpectedly large phone bills.
    But, If you use a phone with ‘ttirik’, you don’t have to worry about overcharging.
    Actually, the monthly fee for your kids phone will be ‘0’.

  • When you travel use ‘ttirik’
    Did you get roaming, a paid service, when you went abroad?
    You don’t have to use high-priced fees anymore.
    If you make your ‘ttirik’ ID, the caller doesn’t need to download the app.
    And the caller can choose one of the 3 methods; read a QRcode, click URL or use ttirik app with ttirik ID

  • Great way to use your business phone
    If you are considering opening a business phone with a monthly basis bill,
    Just Download ‘ttirik’.
    Actually it even doesn’t need to unused phone.
    And also ‘ttirik’ is already offering many function for business man.

For more information, please visit https://ttirik.com.


ttirik, Free call Messenger Without a Phone Number

Contact the other person with a secure ‘ttirik’, Instead of a phone number.

How to use ‘ttirik’ in our daily life?

🌼 When you buying and selling used stuff,

🌼 When you’re not using an old cell phone,

🌼 When you’re seeing someone,

Just Download ‘ttirik’🔐 And Start a safe call without Exposing Personal Information.


Website: https://ttirik.page.link/download

Service Inquiry: help@ttirik.com