The Best Cell Phone for Kids without monthly plan!

Hi, This is secure calling service, ‘ttirik’!
If you have an old cell phone?
Here’s the best way to reuse your old smartphone with secure messenger!

Are you looking for Business Phone without double Plan?
Are you looking for a cell phone for your Kids?
Are you looking for a call service without exposing your phone number?

Using a ‘ttirik’ would be a best option for you!
That is a Free! Secure calling and texting service!!
And also has a lots of function for user~!!

‘ttirik’ is Free Secure call messenger!
Go to the app store, and download ‘ttirik’!

You can create 2 accounts on 1 cell phone!
The ‘ttirik ID’ would be your phone number!

There is three option for making a phone call!

USE ‘ttirik’ ID!

If you know one of these, Then you can make a call!
Anywhere! Anytime!!
You can make a call at the PC not only Mobile!

If you considering SmartPhone for your Kids,
Give your Old Phone with ‘ttirik’ first!

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