[ How to make a simply call without my phone number? ]

‘ttirik’ is right now the best secure messenger . Compared to every other instant messaging apps, ‘ttirik’ provides Special things! ‘ttirik’ is more than an instant messaging app!

You can make a call without your phone number! And also You can create up to two accounts for free! When you make your ‘ttirik ID’, We don’t ask anything about your personal things! And Also We are providing PC as well as Mobile.

You wanna make a call?

Then, There are 3 options for you!

First, Click URL Link!
Second, Scan QR CODE!
Third, Enter the Recipeint’s ID on ttirik app!

If you use it, You can hide your phone number exposed on your business card.
If you use it, You can use your old phone as a new phone for kids without monthly plan.

And ‘ttirik’ also supports the PC version.
If you wanna make a call on your PC, Then Start ‘ttirik’ call.

Add, ‘ttirik’ provide many function in App like as ‘call transfer’, ‘multiple ttirik’. ‘Incoming Settings’ and so on.

So, there are the best methods to make and receive ‘ttirik’ form your PC and Mobile! Share it with your friends! If you wanna know more, Please visit our Website!

More Info: https://ttirik.page.link/download